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Where's a good (warm) place to travel to over the holidays if you don't drive...?

My sis would like to go somewhere (she's in NY) and doesn't drive. What's a good place to go to that's easy to get around with no car?

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    Key West, FL.

    It's a small island, but with a ton of things to do. If you stay in the downtown area, you can walk to all the restaurants/bars/shopping and the beach. It's beautiful and fun!!

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    St Augustine Florida. She will probably have to fly into Jacksonville ( Air Tran flies there at good prices) and get a hotel shuttle that will take her to St Aug. But once there, they have a very convenient streetcar-style shuttle that trundles around the historic city to all the great sites all day long. She can get off at any stop that interests her and explore as long as she wants. We had a blast!

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    Could be Marco Island in Florida,nice place, just lay on the beach, and walk to places, but there is no night life there. Take a cab from the airport to the island.

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    Las Vegas - it is really easy to get around without a car and is usually pretty warm....

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    San Antone- the River walk. But i dunno if its worth a trip from NY. There are other interesting things to see in SA though, too. Like the Alamo and they have a pretty good zoo.

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