Does anyone have any suggestions for how I can deal with depression and a broken friendship?

So over the summer, I met this asian girl, real cute, kind of flirtatious, loves to argue. She’s always calling me, always wants to hang out, but I didn’t really have the time because I was trying to focus on school and my career. To complicate matters she was engaged and I was concerned that our friendship might be unhelpful to their whole relationship. But over time we became very good friends (she was probably my best friend by then) and even took some classes together at school, and things smoothed out. In the middle of the semester, however, everything changes. Now all of a sudden she never wants to hang out with me or talk to me… and I feel like she’s trying to push me out of her life. So we got into a big argument about the issue and really ended things – she blocked me from her phone and IM. But it’s just so confusing… we were really good friends and all of a sudden she acts as if she doesn’t know me…and friends was all we wanted to be – nothing more – we knew that.

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    Something drastic happened along the way, ask her.

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    Okay. First she's engaged or married so you need to put some distance between the two of you. Think of it this way, if you were lucky enough to have her as your fiance', wife or girlfriend would you want her hanging around a guy like you who REALLY likes her and you get along so well? I'd say no. She have started to develop some confusing feelings for you and decided it was best to break ties before things got even more confusing. Also, her man might be getting a uncomfortable about the whole thing and she doesn't want to harm their relationship. As much as she may care for you her lifelong partner will always come first. You would want that from your woman. I would guess--and this is only a guess--but you probably went out of your way to find out where things went wrong, called her a lot and tried to contact her to talk. Well, unfortunately this only makes things worse, her man may be getting angry and wondering the hell is really going on. As innocent as it may be, to him it's threatening. Plus, the more you push and prod trying to get her to talk the more she'll move away from you. It's probably just all too much right now, deciding to marry someone is a big decision, having another great guy in your life that you enjoy being around can make that decision harder. Doesn't mean she's in love with you, but she may be asking herself why she's marrying one guy and not the other if they are both such great friends and people. Give her time, break away completely, date someone. She may regret losing you as a friend later on but you can't sit around and wait on that. It may never happen. One more thing, when guys get too pushy once a girl has decided to break ties it scare them. This is why she blocked you. Let her see that you have accepted her choices and respect them. It's for the best for both of you. Good luck and you sound like a great guy, I'm sure given some time you'll find a gal out there willing to sacrifice all for you.

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    Firstly, do not let this get you down. Sometimes females send mixed messages, and it is very confusing to the male. In her case, she cannot have her cake and eat it too!!! If she is going to be a friend, then there should be boundaries in place, ie..NO FLIRTING! Do not be depressed over this, if she does not want to talk to you anymore, move on. I am sure there are plenty of young ladies that would love to enjoy your company. Like the old saying goes....there are other fish in the sea. I know you hate to lose the frienship, but think about this, if you were truly friends, she would not be able to drop the friendship that easily. Hang in there and Happy Holidays!

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    Obviously something happened to change her mind and think maybe your friendship wasn't such a good idea. It wasn't your fault at all, so don't sweat it. Friendships end sometimes like that, it just happens. Take my advice, go to the nearest form of beach or park available, sit down, and just look at something simple( not a person) and think of how this is going to change your life and why your life will go one with or without her. Then go buy yourself a really good form of dessert, like a fancy ice cream of something, then move on. Believe me, you'll feel so much better. Besides, she may just decide to start being friends again. Just know it's what you want before you let her back in.

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    It sounds like she may have changed her mind about the friendship. If she no longer wants contact I would leave her alone and focus on those who truly want to be your friend. Be careful with her though in case she has made "a new best friend". If things dont work out with her new friend she may try to come back and do the same thing over and over.

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    Friendships are very meaningful. It always hurts to loose a friend. Sounds like something is going on with her. Give her time she might figure it out. Let her know you'll be there when and if she needs you. That's all any real friend can do.

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    I guess money to donuts which you would be able to truly % to be attentive to what brought about her meltdown? opportunities would be a million) her thoughts for you got to a element the place she had to decrease it off, 2) wellbeing subject concerns you weren't attentive to, 3) she met somebody else, 4) somebody/s advised her disparaging issues approximately you, 5) wanting area. i'm undecided approximately any of those issues, however the base line is interior the character of your final argument along with her. What did she say or did it no longer make any experience? in specific circumstances the final question interior the argument is the main telling, what's somewhat incorrect...what somewhat is the priority.

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