how much MB is 1GB?

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    how much MB is 1GB?

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  • In computer terms, 1024 MB will show up as one GB.

    What one should be aware of though is that most or all manufacturers of digital storage such as hard disk drives follow a more literal interpretation: they use the true definition of giga-, which is 1,000 times as much as mega-. Therefore, you'll get a difference between what you buy and what you use. A 160GB Hard Drive will show up on your computer, once formatted, as about 140 GB, because of the conversion to 160,000MB by the manufacturer, then the conversion from MB to GB that your computer performs.

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    1000 times a million bytes is equal to 1 gigabyte. ( 1 byte by the way is equal to 8 bits.( 1's and 0's ).

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    1024 mb's

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    1024 mb, its approx 1 indian movies,approx,200 mp3 songs

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