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can teachers tell u who to hang out and who not to?

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    No, they can only make suggestions. They may very well have good reasons for their recommendations but I'd need some kind of proof before listening to them or considering their opinions

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    Not officially, but they do often see things you may not know about or be aware of. The reputations of the friends you run around with will often become the reputation you get even if you are innocent or totally different than your friend. If your friend cusses or gets in trouble a lot, you will soon be thought of as the same. Step back and think about why you have the friends you do. Do they have the reputation you would like to have for yourself? If not, you might reevaluate the friendship. You might still want to be their friend, but just not hang quite so tight with them. I suggest that my children be friends with everyone, but to be very choosy about who they hang out with. Make sense?

    Source(s): Mom and MS counselor
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    Probably not really, but you should listen to them. Teachers are often more perceptive than you might think, and if a teacher is telling you not to hang out with someone, then maybe it's for your own good. So I'm just saying that maybe you should reevaluate the situation.

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    Sure they can. And you can choose not to listen to them. Teachers can make suggestions as to who you should hang out with, and they can separate you during class or in line from other students. They can't force friendships, and they can't break them up.

    If you're personally having a problem like this, talk to your teacher. Find out why he/she wants you to stop hanging out with someone (or why they want you to hang out with someone). Maybe there's a really good reason for it. You might not know all there is to the story.

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    No, but its something to keep in mind. Teachers see things students dont and have a pretty good sense of kids since they are around them all day.

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    No, they only can give you advice, and they may be doing it for your own good. Many lives have been ruined because of bad friendships.

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