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About how much would a cab in New York City cost from midtown to Hoboken?

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    There is no set rate, you must negotiate with the cabbie. During rush hour, the cabbies probably will not take a fare. But during the off hours, especially in the evening and late evening, most cabbies will take you for double the meter, plus roundtrip tolls - usually about $30-$40. However, many cabbies will refuse to go into Hoboken for anything less than $40-45. Also, most NYC cabbies don't know their way around Hoboken, so make sure that you do.

    Source(s): I live in Hoboken. My husband and I take a cab home from Manhattan all the time after bar hopping.
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    go to the PATH station at 33rd and 6th and take the train. It takes you right to Hoboken station.

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    you have to pay for the tunnel fees which will make the cost about 30 dollars

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