should I move out of my home and give up on my marriage?

My wife is constantly fighting with me. She says that she doesn't love me anymore and has only had sex with me as a form of obligation. She is increasingly getting more and more violent. Sounds easy I should walk. But, truth I still love her and my step children. I just don't think that she is going to change. In addition to that is $, part of the problem is that I live in Mexico. She is Mexican and I am American. The mexican constitution doesn't let me own property in mexico. I bought two homes. I thought for the family. One to live and the other as an investment. If I just up and leave, I think I'll lose any rights I have to try and fight for my share if we divorce. If we divorce, the homes can be sold and at least I get some of my money back. Kinda bullkaka considering I purchased them both and she hasn't worked a day since we starting living together five years ago. I'm talking about a substantial amount of money here. Enough that I just can't walk away from it.


I can't sell the houses. They are in her name. I thought I was doing the right thing for the family when I bought them.

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    It sounds like the only sane thing to do is walk. Is there any chance there is anything left to save and therapy would help?

    If she knows she doesn't "have you trapped" and you are ready to leave she may just change her ways - but do you want someone who will take advantage like that ?

    On the financial, before moving out, its best to talk to a lawyer, in the states you would probably be able to try and say you were due something if you proved you paid the bills on these places for 5 years.

    Take Gentle Care and Good Luck

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    I would suggest you check out your rights for a divorce in Mexico before you do or say anything. The laws are different you may not be entitled to your share and get more then one legal opinion, there is allot of corruption in Mexico.

    However, as I visit Mexico regularly on vacations I have learned that in Mexico men do have more rights then woman.

    You will most likely loose the house but material things can be replaced. Your sanity and safety is more important than any material object.

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    Five years, that's long enough to try and save what you can. Maybe you've got friends (a couple) who you can talk to, or someone that could talk some sence in your wife? If you've tried that, then consider your options: live in the USA, or live under terror in Mexico. Money don't mean a thing. Good luck!

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    Act like you bought another house and the whole family is going to move there (don't buy another house tho). When you sell the house ya'll currently live in, take the money and run. That way she still has the other house you originally bought and you get half your money back. (confusing... i know)

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    I'd do the opposite of the first one---- Get an attorney, first, sweetie. The guy who leaves is the guy who looses.... You've admitted the love and affection is gone in your marriage --- at least as far as she is concerned, so, hon, life is too short to wish for something that is not going to happen --- unless she wants to save your marriage, it can't be saved. It takes both. So, again, see an attorney, and don't share this with her.

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    It sounds as if she is trying to punish you for something. Why is she angry with you?

    The fact that she still has sex with you makes it appear as if she is using sex to keep you there.

    Relationships are complex, and her attitude could be caused by something that happened between you before.

    Also cultural issues may be involved - maybe she needs something different from you? It sounds as if you coddle her - maybe you need to, as someone else said, "put your foot down".

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    Houses are just a materialistic thing and can be replaced. I'd sell them and hightail it back to the States.

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    I'd divorce the biatch and sell the properties and get your butt back to the usa.

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    Go back home and forget this ever happened !

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    1 decade ago

    don't move

    give up on the marriage

    see a lawyer

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