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New to Limewire-have questions?

First of all, is it best to save your downloaded songs to itunes?

If not itunes, then how else can I save them and burn them to a disc?

I downloaded 20 songs last night, saved them to itunes. I could only burn 3 of them to disc, the rest were not able to be burned. Why is this?

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    It ONLY needs to be mp3s if you are burning a mp3 CD, otherwise the burning software should auto convert the tracks..

    It's probably because your using itunes to burn the CD, sometimes it is picky about the type of songs it will burn. Make sure none of the songs are corrupted, listen to them all. Then get a better cd burning software, like roxio or something like that. Itunes is really useless unless you have an ipod, so I wouldnt recommend it for saving your files to, it has been known to mess with your library and sometimes delete it for stupid reasons..

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    First of all, you have to know that using limewire to download music is illigal since you are not paying for the songs and infringing on licensing laws. People have been tracked and arrested for using limewire.

    To answer your question tho, you must make sure the songs u get in in MP3 format. Limewire finds several different file formats but only MP3 formats will intergrate into itunes as this is the only file format itunes will regocnise. If you are using an ipod i suggest u use itunes since the quality is much better and there is no risk of viruses or spyware!

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    No don't save them to Itunes Save them to "mymusic" or create a folder on your desktop (for quicker access) then use windows media player to burn them or you can import them to Itunes and try burning them from there. I don't know why you were only able to get 3 songs burned out of itunes

    Note: to limit your liability of any legal issues make sure that you are not "sharing" any files that are not your own creation.

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    LimeWire is 100% illegal and anyone who uses it doesn't respect the law or the artists and computer programers and film directors and actors who created the music, software and movies. It's no different than stealing a CD, DVD, program from a store! I encourage everyone to stop using it and start respecting the law, the music industry, the film industry and the software industry!

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    you hvae to make sure you have the MP3 format....there are other formats like WMA

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