Is she falling for me?

I'm a lesbian, and I like this girl very much but i can't tell her coz it's unusual.Well, i think she sensed that I like her. Coz I look differently. I do lots of nice things for her. And she always asks me to accompany her during our break! she even lets me carry her things for her. She also likes to put her arms in my shoulder inspite of sensing my affection for her. wow! i think she likes me too,does she? my friends kept teasing me to her, though i deny it (coz i'm not admitting that i'm a you know) she looks at me differenlty, like stares at me blankly! But some other guy is courting her right now, and i'm so jealous coz i can't do you think she likes me too? i'm hoping,is it possible? she's ver pretty,smart &popular, that's why i'm so shocked that she comes w/ me

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    1 decade ago
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    It sounds like she likes you but is more comfortable with her existing relationship. After all, a relationship with YOU would be a life changing experience for her. She would have A LOT of EXPLAINING to do. She would probably be more acceptable to keeping her boyfriend and having a secret rendevous with you on the side to experiment and see if you are worth the grief she will receive from family and friends.

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    1 decade ago

    Well nothing you tell here indicates that she is falling for you.


    Go talk to the girl what you feel about her is just more than friendship.

    All that can happen is that she isn't like that at all.

    Then you can move on.

    This situation lasts already a long time?

    It is high time you found out already.

    Success with it

    Greetings Rob.

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    Doesn't matter how you look, personality and character always makes a person who they are...(now that is over with, here goes)....why dont you ask her to the movies..if she says ok, then ask if she would like to go with you as a friend or on a date??...problem solved...If she says..friend..then that is really what you mean to her, probably her best..friend...if she you also will know she wants more than friendship with, good luck on your discovery tour and Merry Xmas from Downunder.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, first off, I'd work on my spelling if I were you. Second, all you can do is sit down and talk to her and ask her how she feels. There really is no other way.

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    Talk to her -- see how she feels. Is she dating that guy? Is she interested in him?

    Try to be as honest as you can without getting hurt. Hugs, Reme

  • 1 decade ago

    Time will Tell.........

  • 1 decade ago

    the answer with you

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