what do you think about this.my daughter just had a baby on nov 14 .this will be?

the babys first christmas.well the babys fathers mother (again) paid for him to have a flight to texas where he is from .telling him his great grandmother in mexcio is dying.i think its wrong that she does this.and wrong of him too.this is his first child.the babys first christmas.and to top it all off.his car breaks down and what does he do he leaves it at a gas staction.across from where it broke down.knowing that the car will probly get towed.his mother did something last year too.but it should be diffrent now he has a baby.iguess when he gets to texas.he is supose to drive to mexico with his father.my daughter is so hurt over this.what do you think about this? sorry my spelling is bad.(also she buys the plain ticket then tells him)

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    1 decade ago
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    Hopefully your daughter will tell him let his *** go to Mexico and he can figure out a way to get another car. But her and the baby are staying right here and will celebrate Christmas with her family. At this rate, she's going to need her family more than she will need him.

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