taking the permanently offline off some one?

HOW DO I TAKE THE PERMANENTLY LINE OFF,OFF OF SOME ONE THAT I WANT TO CHAT WITH?I had try eveything and it don't work.So send some one to say to messagerand to do this and do that cause it don't work

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I have sent you a comment to that other same question you closed.

    The solution I gave you was if you are showing offline to someone's messenger and now you want that person to see you online when you are.

    If you want to see your contact showing online on your own messenger, that contact has to show himself online to you, in other words, that person set his own messenger to be showing invisible to some or all of his contacts whenever he is online.

    I have no other way to contact you, if you want, send me an e-mail by going to my Answers Profile and I'll help you further.

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