Anyone have a Lexmark 1270 all-in-one printer?

Apparently after hours of trying to get my computer to detect the printer, the customer support people at Lexmark tell me that they gave me the wrong disk with the printer! I dont know if he is telling the truth or just trying to get rid of me. He promised to send out the disk that I need but I am really thinking I wont ever see it. If anyone has this printer and it works, please tell me what disk you have. There should be a PN number located on the disk. What is yours? I would hate to box the darn thing up and return it....but I am thinking I may have to


Oh yeah-the tech guy even told me since I have the latest model (which I doubt) that the driver is not even available online......

Update 2:

I do believe I am getting the shoe-off from the tech guy-I have been to the driver download page and tried that several times...I will try it again though.....jeesh-I buy a new printer to make life easier and it ends up becoming a nightmare....

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    If you don't get a driver that you need soon I would def. box it up and return it, Lexmark tries to make there printers sound good and all but they really aren't, and thats way dell gives them away with there computers. I would take it back and get a HP they have good customers service and I have never had trouble with an HP and ever when you do you get good customer service from them, they also have the longest manufucters warranty. There machines have had an A/A+ rating in PC Mag. for 14 consective years for relaibilty and support.

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    He may or may not have been giving you the shove-off. But I did some research and found the following

    Save the file you need to your desktop then plug in your printer to start up the add new hardware wizard choose the option that let's you install from a specific location and point the wizard to the file you save on the desktop. You should be up and running in no time flat

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    Here's the link to the drivers for that printer

    Check and see if the names match up with what they have available

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