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Multiple Personalitied People Live Fuller Lives?

do you think living life through different personalities would give you a fuller life? i.e. different ideas,experiances, lessons, abilities etc?


i (personally) know it sucks. but do you belive as well as i do that it has that great advantage?

Update 2:

but with mult.personalities its different. changing jobs is one thing, changing your views regularly is another. what im asking is about seeing life in multiple spectrums through different personas

Update 3:

actually, different personalities do remember atleast somethings aboutwhat the other did

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    I think it would.

    I have been diagnosed with dual personality, and it is said that when I am up I look young, and I look older when I am the personality taking care of business.

    The younger version sees to remain far longer now than it used to when I was younger, and peace of mind now consumes both personalities.

    Personality A/ Ultra sensitive, volatile, super speedy, insomniac, creative, low attention span.

    Type B/ Calm, focused, steady, methodic, caring, gentle, and in no hurry.

    I think the balance is the key to longevity, but split personality holds the basket of diversity of thought = more problem solving techniques

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    I believe it is called 'Disociative Personality Disorder" in the DSM-IVR.

    The people with DPD may or may not have a 'fuller life' according to that criteria. There certainly is potential for a person with DPD to experience life from different perspectives and to serve different roles; however, since all the 'personalities' share the same body, they are limited in the time each has to 'play' on the stage of the world--figuratively speaking.

    Thus, experiencing different lessons, having various abilities and ideas are all the property of the same body. One may arguably accomplish the same as a person with DPD. It isn't a matter of the DPD, but being outgoing and trying new thing.

    Take this illustration for example:

    "Sandra", who doesn't have DPD changes her job every other year. She has been an actor, a photographer, worked in an office, helped out on a farm, worked in daycare, did retail, delivered hoagies, helped a vet tech, sold cars, and now works for Foder's USA and travels, eating at various restaurants and turning in reviews for their publications. Next year she is moving to NY to be the executive assistant for the CEO of MTV.

    That is a sample of a life with much variety without DPD. Whether or not it is a 'fuller' life depends on one's definition of a 'full life.' It seems a life of variety like the one in the example maybe rich in experiences, but some find other types of life to also be fulfilling, such as homemakers who have many children and a massive family. One may arguably have a full life in this fashion because the variety of experiences happen along the way in the course of life.

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    Each personality, when "in the moment", will only recall it's own memories. So I would think that each personality would feel short-changed because of lacking all the memories/experiences that the other personalities would have.

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    Sure. There are advantages, I guess. You always have someone to talk to. You're never alone. You can sing duets (or even trios and quartets) by yourself....

    The BIG question would be, If you were multipersonality and you got Alzheimers, you would recognize yourself?

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    roses are red.....violets are schizophrenic....and so am i!

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