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The stitches from my episiotomy ripped during sex. What do I do?

I saw my OBGYN last week and she gave me the go-ahead for sex. Last night after having sex, I felt a little soreness and noticed blood on the bed! Upon further inspection, it looks like my perinum actually tore a little bit. It doesn't really hurt, but should I be worried? Call my dr? Need stitches?

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    Just to be on the safe side, I would give your doctor a call. There is a chance it could get infected and all that wonderful goodness. Good luck!

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    I have heard stories about less pleasurable sex after something like this because the area is no longer as tight after losing the there is one reason to go back to the doctor. More importantly, you really might have damaged yourself. So, it would be wisest to just have it examined...think about the long-term benefits instead of the short-term pain of getting a new stitch.

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    Yes call your dr, you will probably need to be restiched!!!! Do you still have your stiches in?? If so why did your dr give you the ok for sex??? I had to wait till 9 weeks post partum for the ok for sex because my stiches were not ready to come out.

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    i would go to the doc because if it tore and isnt fixed it could permanently stay that way!dont take this the wrong way but i cant believe you had sex while the stiches were still in!ouch!when i had stiches there was no way i was having sex!you should be ok but go to the doc and get checked out!

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    Yes. Call the doctor. You don't want to risk the area getting infected.

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    I'd be seeing the doctor, to prevent any kind of infection.

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    Call the doctor. right away

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    call your doc cause that can lead to infection or possible muscle control loss.

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