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the harrington&richardson revolver is model # 928 instead of 929 does that make it worth more or less?

i have owned this revolver for 25 years and a friend asked to buy it. that is why i wanted to know its value.

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    I don't see a listing for a 928. The H&R 9 shot .22 revolvers listed are: Models 900, 901, 904, 905, 922, 923, 926, 929, 930, 939, 940, 949, 950, 976, and 999.

    Also, 100% pricing DOES figure that the gun is new in the box and unfired. After a gun has been fired, even with the box and any paperwork from the factory, it is considered 98% at best.

    Source(s): 27th Edition Blue Book of Gun Values and attending guns shows in NE Ohio and Ohio Gun Collecors Association shows since back in the mid 70's. H&R's have never been a very collectible gun, but as other brands have continued to go up in price the better ones have gone up in value somewhat. I personally know a few people that started collecting them just because it was an inexpensive brand and they could afford to have one of each model for the price of just a few other brand name guns, especially if you're looking at pre-'64 Winchesters or the high end double barrel shotguns.
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    I have a modest collection of H&R pistols and have never heard of a Model 928. Possibly it's a 929 that's been mis-stamped.

    As the other guy mentioned, they're not particularly collectible, but it is an inexpensive gun to collect. Most of my revolvers were bought for under $100. H&R has a very long history.


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    I bought mine for $35 , 4 years ago.

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