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Should I continue or should I step off right now?

Met someone about 2 months ago and we have been talking regularly (about 3 times a day). People tend to talk alot when it's new. Yesterday, I told them that I would call them after work and missed calling, for the first time in the 2 months, to hang out with some friends, the life I had before I met this person, and I called this morning only to be greeted by an angry dramatic person giving me the 3rd degree. Whatcha think?

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    I think that if you didn't call it's rude, but I don't think that it justified the 3rd degree. I think you should have either called or e-ailed that you were going out with friends, though also feel that if this person is a very insecure/jealous person you would have gotten the same response. If you really care about the relationship, you should at least make the effort to find out what they are feeling. Communication in all relationships is key

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    He likes you for sure. It's normal to get angry or to feel bad when a promise to call was broken right? but if you're talking 3rd degree then he might be kinda possessive. But if you care about this person, you could stay and see how things will progress. This is only the first he's done it and you're already doubting then maybe you know that you want to step off. :-)

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    You broke your word. She may of had something to do and cancelled it just to talk to you. You could of spared just 1 minute of your time to call and say hi, I called like I said I would.

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    hes upset that u didnt call when u said u would he probably really likes you but it sounds to me hes very controlling and possesive i wouldnt persue a relationship with this person as it might lead to abuse

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    he likes u for he seems to be addicted to talkin to u..n dat happens wen u like he does seem to be a bit aggressiv..i mean, u dun torture sum1 wen dey dun call....m sure dere's no harm in bein if u want to get in2 a relatnship, noe him betr 1st..den think abt it..

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    Control freak - be very careful

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    doesn't sound good--might be a good time to say - goodbye-

    If something as little as that caused that kind of reaction...

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