What do do about itchy vaginal discharge?

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    Please go to the OBGYN as this discharge could be caused by one of many issues.

    It could be a yeast infection.

    Symtoms include:

    Vaginal itching.

    Irritated genital skin.

    Pain or burning in the genital area with urination or sexual intercourse.

    In some cases, white vaginal discharge that is usually curdlike and odorless. Some women have no noticeable discharge.

    Possible Bacterial Vaginosis (very common)

    Symtoms include:

    The most notable symptom of bacterial vaginosis is an excessive, bad-smelling, grayish-white vaginal discharge. A "fishy" smell, which is usually worse after sex, is a telltale sign of BV. However, about half of women with BV have no noticeable symptoms. 1


    symptoms of this infection can include:

    abundant and frothy vaginal discharge ranging in color from gray to green to yellow, with a watery to milky consistency

    foul odor

    itching and tenderness in or around the vagina

    pain during sex

    pain during urination

    soreness or itching of the labia and inner thighs

    swollen labia

    Or a host of various STD's that may carry similar symptoms

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    Oh dear, sounds as if you have an STD or thrush/ yeast infection. My advice is to see a doctor or go to the pharmacy and see if they can offer any advice. Until you get to one of these, i would suggest wearing clean cotton under ware, avoid g- strings, change your bed linen daily, when you go to the bathroom, wipe front to back, or with a patting motion and shower at least once a day and avoid using harsh soaps down there. Id also avoid sexual contact and sexual intercourse until you've sorted it all out....

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    4 years ago

    If the discharge is green and it's not "cheesy", than most likely it's not a yeast infection, but it's an infection nonetheless. Go to the doctor again and tell them that the antibiotic didn't work.

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    I could simply be thrush which can be treated by pharmacy medication or it could be an sti. It would be best to go to a sexual health clinic which respects your privacy to check it out.

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    Go and get checked. it could be a sign of yeast or other deseases

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    Go to the doctor for proper medication.

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