what is the relevance of logic to nation building?

explain and analyse the question

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    Well...I hope you don't expect the posters here to write your whole essay for you? "Explain and analyse", indeed... you go do the analysing! ;-)

    The question as phrased makes little sense: no human thought process is complete without logic. However, in the present US situation (Iraq, Afghanistan...) it may be taken to indicate, what is the proper role of logic as opposed to sentiments. Logic in that sense evolves around the art of deduction. That is, we cannot explain the whole world by means of logic, but given a starting point we are able to logically deduce a number of likely outcomes.

    Which brings us to nation building: idealistic thinking would have you start with the end-goal. We want nation such-and-such to become a stable, social liberal democracy. How do we go about that? What would be the most effective ways? Logical thinking would have you start from the opposite end of the stick. We have this nation which is impoverished and where clan loyalties and religious affiliations are more important than anything else. So, given this starting point and given the means at our disposal, what can be realistically achieved? If we give a society such as this a push of a certain kind, what is the likely outcome?

    In other words, I hold the role of logic in national building to be about "how far can we get, given (1) the societal starting point; and (2) the financial and human sacrificies we're willing to sustain". Logic allows you deduce how to maximise the outcome given constraints (1) and (2). It stands in glaring contrast to (neocon) idealism which starts with the hoped-for outcome and largely disregards the constraints.

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