virus in my computer...?

can you help me to exclude the virus in my computer?? actually, i've scan my virus with norton.. but the virus still showing up...

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    I suggest that you try to carryout system restore to a day previous to the day when there was no virus or any problems. It may be a few weeks or months back. You have to decide the date. Detailed instructions are posted at

    The problem is likely to be solved. Then,You insatll a standard antivirus soft ware such as Norton, AVG , Avast ( free antivirus software and Ad-aware, Ewido ( free spyware removers). You can download free softwares at and

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    The virus is most likely in your registry. You'll need to open the registry & delete it out yourself. Does the virus scan give the location of the virus as HKEY_ something? If so, thats a registry item. You'll need to click Start, Run, type: REGEDIT (doesnt need to be all caps, I just typed it that way so it'd stand out) then click OK. When the registry editor opens, go in and look for the file using the exact address from the virus scan, when you find it just delete it. Run your virus scan again & you'll see the virus is gone. Works everytime! Just be careful not to delete or change anything else in the registry, doing so can have bad consequences. Good luck!

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    If you can't get the virus out then you may need to take your computer to a specialist and them empty out your disk and reload it. Make sure and do a back up of all your files first. Good luck.

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    reinstall your operating system is the best solution, the procedure is as follows :-

    1- have a bootable win xp professional

    2-enter bios by pressing DEL when starting up computer, then choose first boot device as CD ROM

    3- choose save and exit from bios menu

    4- the computer will restart then he read the bootable win xp cd

    5- choose the drive letter which is usually the c drive, then choose to format it using NTFS format whcih is better than FAT , FAT32

    6- dont install any programs or surf the internet before you setup norton antivirus and norton internet security.

    7- enjoy

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    Here's a list of free virus removing tools.

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    Try using eScan Antivirus, or MWAV Toolkit.

    try download from

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    1 decade ago

    download a program called spy ware doctor from and install it and update it and then go to find a key for it and activate it and scan

    good luck

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    1 decade ago

    just go to nd do scn if found it will clean ur system

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