Will he still be legal if they divorce?

My friend got married November 2005 to a man from nigeria. He has been in ny city since july and she has been here he said he had to go there to get a job until his green card came. Now she is in the hospital in critical condition and he won't come down. Everyone feells she should divorce him. But she's afraid he will be deported and unluckily she still loves him.

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    Sounds like a scam for sure...unfortunately innocent people get hurt...He deserves reporting and sent packing right back to Nigeria...If this has really happened and you are a true friend and she really is in critical condition, then why dont you do something about protecting your friend from this evil scammer ??...(Just because she loves someone doesnt mean she has to be kicked hard while she is down)...animals are treated better, he doesnt deserve the love she has for him...(you have annulments over there so go to your consulate and tell them the story)...Hope she gets better soon and finds a real man....Merry Xmas from Downunder......

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    It all depends on his status. If he already received his conditional (2year) greencard he is not goin to be deported (in case of a divorce) if he files for the removal of condition on his own. Although he has to prove that the marriage was entered in good faith.

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    No, he will be llegal.

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