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Sound does not match my video. I have a 32" White Westinghouse LCD tv and a Directv Hidef Satellite receiver.

I am using a 25 foot hdmi cable. My sound is about a second quicker than my video which makes me feel like i am watching an old kung fu movie. Any help, please. This tv and receiver is brand new.


I am not running my sound thru any stereo equipment or tivo. My HDMI cable runs directly from my directv hidef non tivo receiver to my tv. No other components are involved.

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    If you are using it in conjunction with a DVR or Tivo, this could be your problem. Make sure you are routing your sound and video through the same components. If the picture/video is routed through a DVR or other component and the sound is going through a direct line to your stereo, there will be a timing issue. Make sure everything goes through your receiver after coming out of your DVR.

    If all else fails, get a professional to come to your house.

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    many of the newer products these days have that problem, it's called "lip sync error". Some channels are worse that others, with PBS usually being the worst. It happens because there's more processing being done to the video signal than the audio signal, especially the HD channels. Occasionally a DVD player will do that, but in that case stopping and re-starting the disc will usually take care of that. In those cases, it's diue to the video buffer getting full or just not keeping up.

    In any case, soon the products will start having an audio delay function controllable by the customer to reduce or eliminate this annoying problem. For now, there's not really much you can do. Some products have an option in the service menu where the audio can be delayed a certain amount, but since the error factor is not always the same, it's not going to help that much.

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