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Are zildjian ZXT pro cymbals any good for playing Punk rock music, like Blink 182 and bands like that?

I need to know if Zildjian ZXT Pro cymbals are good for punk/ pop punk


Ive got a pearl Export on its way, any good?

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    Source(s): 35 years as a drummer, i play rock
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    I advise Blink is a exceptionally stable band and all yet they seem to be a procedures from what i'd call the terrific punk band ever. a number of my own favorites are The Descendents, Nofx, Misfits, Minor risk, Screeching Weasel, and a few others so a procedures as what maximum human beings would say is the 'all time' bands i assume is the ramones or intercourse pistols because of the fact they have been the 1st to truly deliver the music out for a great type of folk to take heed to.

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