What happens if person is infected with Rabies then takes Rabies Vaccine?

Can someone answer what will happen if a person is infected with Rabies due to Stray dog bite and after onset of early symptom if he starts taking Vaccine? Weather the progression of the desease will continue and the Vaccine will not work or it will slow down the progression of the desease and person can survive for long period without any sysmptom or symptom can onset after 12-15 years?



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    The vaccine is actually a "dead" portion of the rabies virus itself. It helps boost your immune system by having your body detect and process the rabies virus. It does not work in reverse. I am not aware if it will slow down the process. Often times there are a series of shots given to people who have possibly been exposed to rabies (animal attacks, bites, etc..). It assists in preventing the onset of rabies but I do not believe it is called a "vaccine".

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    Once the symptoms of rabies appear its very difficult to control. The vaccine would have little effect. There are very rare cases where the person might develop rabies many years after first exposure. Generally the symptoms appear within days. I hope your question is theoretical and you and your family are well.

    Source(s): My father was a vet doc and researcher in rabies. He was also so hyper about it because he worked all the time with this disease. All of us learned about rabies thanks to his constant drilling about the dangers.
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    if you are infected with rabies, part of the treatment is the vaccine...part of the treatment is IVIG.

    if you think you've been bitten by an animal with rabies, go the ED immediately.

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    no, symptoms appear 3-10 days after the bite

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