Making the difference between Girl and a Girlfriend?

Here's the deal - in my life the only girls I'd .. say .. spend time with are quite extraordinary. There aren't many of course but that's not the problem. One of the things that sucks is that when I know a really nice and cool girl, I don't want to lose her and often I don't try getting intimate so that I don't screw things up. Consider that as a factor in your judgement. So i meet a girl, she thinks I'm a cool guy and stuff, I respect her and like her a lot. But here comes the problem - I can't make the difference between the "Hey, I like you" in friendly way or a more special way.. on top of that she lives in a town near mine. Isn't far away but that's gonna make things harder, for sure. So, help me - how can I understand her in the correct way, so that I won't loose her.

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    1 decade ago
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    Ask her out on a date! I had a guy friend like this who wanted to build a relationship with me other than just friends and I wasn't interested so I let him know and I'm sure she'll do the same if she's just satisfied with the friend status.

  • 1 decade ago

    hang out with her more and if you develop intimate feelings for her you know you like her as a girlfriend, if you just feel how you do around all your other friends, she can probably just be a good friend

  • 1 decade ago

    say to her u really like her and u would like to take her to a movie, hopefully she'll say yes usually that never fails

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