Inbreeding in Cats?

If a female cat mates with her brother or one of her offspring, will the babies have problems? I have heard that this was not a problem for animals but I have also heard that the babies would have things wrong with them.

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    Cat breeders often do this with their cats to produce the different unusual breeds, but I wouldn't recommend it. They will eventually have genetic difficulties that can led to shorter life spans, and poor health. That is part of why when there are cats in barns they start to die out when there is no fresh blood to bred with, they become to inbred and can't survive, and it is very sad to see them suffer like they do.

    Source(s): Live on a farm for 20 years.
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    It's a spin of the genetic wheel every time it happens. Most likely, one case of inbreeding will not result in defects. The problem becomes when cats are continually inbred and it actually thins out that genetic make-up, leaving more room for problems down the line. A good example is a show-cat that my mother took in after her owner had died. The cat's family had a long history as prize-winning show cats and were therefore bred and bred and bred from one family member to another. The result was that the cat (a himalayan) had such a scrunched face, that her nose and eyes were constantly running and infected. In the cat show world, an extremely smooshed face on a himalayan means more points, but for the cat, it brings nothing but problems. Just being around the cat for some time, you can also tell she had mental problems. Eventually, my mom had to put her down (which broke her heart).

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    Its actual extremely elementary in siamese or siamese searching cats, they're a very huge-spread breed and unfortunently there are alot of human beings that poorly and unresponsibly breed them, in many circumstances alowing inbreeding or holding them in circumstances the position inbreeding c an ocur. numerous issues can take position with inbreeding, it ought to reason actual disformites and nurological complications or has user-friendly as a compramised immune equipment. it ought to also reason such severe malformites that the cat both dies with the help of itself or should be killed to end the suffering. Blindness, deafness, lacking or malformed limbs, epilepsy, curved spines, kidney, heart and lung topics. Inbred cats also tend to be extra aggressive. It extremely relies upon are how undesirable the inbreding is, besides because the condtions the cats stay in, a mom-son pairing will frequently have a lot less result then if the mummy replaced into also the sons grandmother, sister, aunt, ect. and if the daddy replaced into also a grandfather, brother, uncle, ect.

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    It's something that you really should avoid.

    I have two cats that are the result of inbreeding.

    I don't know it at the time I took them in, but it wouldn't have changed anything I would still have made them my babies.

    One of them is huge, I can honestly say that I've never seen a cat with longer legs in all of my life this same cat can't meow...she opens her mouth but nothing comes out.

    Her sister got the brunt of the problems...she is very small, never lost her kitten fur or kitten teeth, she's cross eyed and sometimes her eyes move from side to side VERY rapidly.

    When she was a baby one day she simply stopped eating and bathing herself...if was almost as if she had forgotten how, I had to force feed her special, VERY EXPENSIVE liquid food with an eye dropper.

    I had to use warm wash cloths to bath her because she wouldn't do it herself.

    After about 2 months of that she turned the corner and started to eat and bath herself again.

    She also does very odd things, things you'd think a cat would have no idea how to do...My Husband calls her "Rain Man"

    Her sister can't meow, but she never shuts up...LOL...well she actually doesn't meow, it's more like a chirp!

    Neither of them can be spayed because they both have breathing problems and the Vet said the risk of spaying them outweights the benifits by such a high precentage that he wouldn't even attempt it.

    BUT, they are two of the most affectionate cats I've ever sweet and loving....just wanted you to know that there are upsides to my two girls and we love them to bits.

    They are 6 years old, the Vet said the bigger one will probably have a normal life span, but my little angel probably won't.

    So after all of that, if you're willing to put some time, effort and money into a cat that is a product of inbreeding don't let it stop you from adopting one...but don't let it happen in the first place..make sure that all cats are spayed or neutered ( unless as in the case of my girls it's not possible for health reasons )

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    I think you take cour chances with that. one of my cats is the result of a brother and sister mating and he is the best darn cat I've ever had. Perfect friend, lovable and perfectly healthy in every way. He gets regular vet check ups and everything and there is absolutely nothing wrong iwth him. I've seen some pretty messed up cats, though from inbreeding. I guess it all depends on how genetics are divided up.

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    Yes. Cats in that way are just like humans. If they inbreed, they babies will be deformed. I know because I had a cat, and she got pregnant by her own son. She had 2 kittens, one was born dead, and the other died 2 days later with only 3 legs. It's important that if you don't want your cats getting pregnant, to get them fixed. After your infant kittens grow up, they don't consider themselves family anymore. Cats will have sex with anybody or anything when they're in heat. They have sex with their children, brother, sisters, hell, females will stick their butt up at you if you'll put something in her. Trust me, I know.

    Source(s): I've had cats and raised them.
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    we had a cat that was inbred--several times over

    the thing was nuts.. every cat that came from where we got ours had problems. sweet and affectionate one minute, then scratch at you the next minute.

    We ended up having to give ours to the pound--they put them all down, because there was something very wrong with them.

    avoid getting an inbred if you can...

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    brother and sister not such a good idea, father and daughter or mother and son is less of a problem.

    with inbreeding in humans and animals, you may end up with a offspring that has a lot of or all the good traits, or one that has a lot of or all the bad traits. With animals it's not such a problem cause the deformed can be euthanised, with humans they have to be cared for

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    NOT GOOD AT ALL, the kittens could end up with lots of problems, like cleft pallets etc... How cruel

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    Not a good plan, unless you want babies that are more suited to a freak show. Keep them apart.

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