If people don't believe in God and Christ, then why do you celebrate Christmas?

Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus. If you don't believe in the bible, then why do you celebrate this holiday?

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    1 decade ago
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    Because its fun.

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    That would depend entirely on what you mean by "celebrate".

    It's a Federal holiday. It's also a cultural holiday for many people with no religious significance.

    What would you suggest, spending a day in mourning?

    For me, my religious holiday is today. On the 25th I'll be going to a family get-together. Some of my family is Christian, and they may be going to church that morning, I don't know.

    For me the 25th will be a celebration of my family.

    As long as you're celebrating what you celebrate, why do you care what others may do on that day? If you think that people who are not Christians should not mark the day, then write to your elected officials about having that day be a regular work day that Christians can use a personal day off from work to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

    You really can't have it both ways, dear.

    Christians really cannot, with any integrity, insist that our public spaces be filled with Christian imagery during the season, and also insist that people who are not Christian not celebrate however they wish to.

    It's either a holiday for everyone (in which case what they do ought not to concern you - there can be NO obligation to do any specific religious thing on that day), or it's not (in which case there ought not to be widespread public displays, or a day off for federal and state employees; it ought to be treated just like Good Friday or Magha Puja Day or Yom Kippur - with no public recognition, and an optional day off for people who choose to take it)

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    1 decade ago

    False premise. Just because you use Christmas as a religious holiday doesn't mean everyone else must. Christmas is not to celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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    1 decade ago

    The question should be, if you believe in God and Christ, why do you celebrate Christmas?

    Christians observe the Pagan festival of Saturnalia at the winter solstice (when the day and night are of equal length)? It's not a Christian holiday at all, the early Christians just appropriated it to get new believers to mark Christ's birth, even though Christ is reckoned to have been born in October 4BC. No doubt they all know this.

    And you laugh at pagans.

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  • KathyS
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    1 decade ago

    Because it's a secular holiday to many people. I have a tree, lots of decorations and listen to fun holiday music about Santa, visit with family and friends, exchange tokens and have a blast this time of year. Thats the fun part and that's why it's secular.

    Besides that, as stated above, this time of year was celebrated way before christianity. The day was stolen. So..why do you celebrate it?

  • Kallan
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    1 decade ago

    I don't celebrate christmas, I celebrate the Winter Solstice.

    My question for you is, if you believe in the bible, then why do you celebrate this holiday?

    It is not commanded nor appointed by your God as a holy day, and according to your bible, only God can appoint a day as holy by the word of his mouth.

    Pope Julius declared December 25th as Christmas day in 359 CE (AD) and the word itself Christ-Mass is the service of performing the death of the Messiah again and ingesting his actual body and blood (according to their belief)... this is cannabalistic (cannabals eat human flesh because they think they will take on the traits of the person eaten) and completely unbiblical.

    December 25th is the Feast of Saturnalia and Mithra's birthday..

    The celebration of the Saturnalia tree and holly branches is rooted in the ancient pagan practice of the Asherah (goddess of good luck) poles (Jeremiah. 10:10) in which a tree is cut down, put in the house and decorated for good luck and hope that winter will be short. In ancient times, as offerings to and from the gods, gifts were put under the tree. Today the effect is the same as the family bows down to the tree to get the gifts, which they cannot open until December 25! Even the old pagan "fertility balls" are put on the modern tree.

    Mithra, who was born of a virgin, visited by wise men who brought him frankincense, myrrh and gold; visited by shepherds watching over their flocks.. all guided by a star.. had 12 disciples and performed miracles of healing the sick and the lame, who held a "last supper" and then died was buried in a rock tomb only to be resurrected 3 days later and one had to ingest his body/blood for the atonement of sin... sound familiar? He was around 400 years BEFORE Jesus was allegedly born.

    Are you absolutely CERTAIN this holiday is about the birth of your Jesus? Where does your bible tell you to celebrate the day of his birth? Where does your God declare this a holy day? If you are celebrating it, are you not sinning against your God by declaring something holy that he never said was holy (and therefore setting yourself up above God), and caught up by the "spirit" of the season?

    By their fruits you shall know them...

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    I celebrate the winter solstice instead. My family and many of my friends celebrate Christmas, so due to my love for them I celebrate with them. Just because my beliefs are different doesn't mean I can't offer a little joy to others. Its kind of like the "happy Holidays/Merry Christmas pseudo issue. I say Happy Holidays to include everyone. To you I say, Merry Christmas! I hope it is great for you!

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    i think people who don't believe in God celebrate Chritmas only because nowadays it became more like a family holiday and it's lost its original significance for most of them. Christmas is the time when the family has a chance to be together again after an entire year of hard work. it's a good opportunity to be with your beloved ones.

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    I don't beleive in the bible but I do believe in the Birth of Christ, so why should I not be entitled to celebrate Christmas? And by the way most non-Christians don't celebrate it, but they do give gifts on this day and spend time with family.......nothing wrong with that

    Gift giving and spending time with family is not solely christian

  • Shossi
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    1 decade ago

    --It is just the continuing celebration of the holiday that was started long before Jesus-a time of family, gifts, excitement, and fun. Just because Christians put the name ''Christmas'' to it does not change what it really is.

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    First of all! I AM SO HAPPY YOU SAID THIS. My entire town looks like a glow in the dark carnivale. Everyone is celebrating Christmas, and some ppl who profess to be JEWISH and MUSLIM have DECORATIONS. Its ridiculous. In no way does it speak for all people of those religions. But it does show that weak ppl follow traditions of man. First of all Jesus was NOT born on FREAKIN DECEMBER 25 in the WINTER TIME, WITH SNOW ALL AROUND IN A MANGER, WITH SHEEP OUTSIDE. Like some people are really really stupid. They do it for their kids. It's the same reason they celebrate Halloween!! Just something to do! Most of the ppl who celebrate these holidays have very little knowledge about where these celebrations STARTED.

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