what is the name of the paper that is protected to optical copying?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Safety Paper..here is a link...


    or this is copy protected photo paper

    Copy-protection system for photographic paper

    Jay S. Schildkraut and John Gasper

    Eastman Kodak Company, Rochester, New York

    (Received December 13, 1999; revised May 17, 2000; accepted June 1, 2000)

    A copy-protection system was developed in order to prevent the unauthorized reproduction of photographic prints at a digital print station. The copy-protection system consists of two parts: (1) copy-protected photographic paper manufactured with a latent image of an array of yellow microdots; and (2) digital print stations equipped with software that detects the presence of the microdots in the digital image of a photographic print made on copy-protected photographic paper. The system has a detection rate of 78% and a negligible rate of false detection. ©2000 SPIE and IS&T.

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