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how to keep away from infatuations???

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    This is not good, I've been there and It's not nice. If the person doesn't show you the same feelings back then it's infatuation and not love.

    Please take my advice and stay away cut all ties and in a short period of time the feeling will go away and hopefully you'll meet a person who likes you for you.If they call you don't call them back it just keeps the pain going.

    If you don't there will be LOT of pain!!!!

  • terra
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    All people experience infatuation before they really get into romantic love and committed love. Some infatuations last until marriage but most never last. Infatuations, however, could be constructive to your personality because it teaches you many things. If you have been infatuated before, then just stay away from the the same things that got you infatuated. If you haven't been infatuated yet, then surely the first start of your very first relationship would start off as an infatuation. It's up to you if it'll grow into committed love or if it'll end as fast as it started.

    The key here I think is take the longest possible time in CHOOSING WITH WHOM to be infatuated. Take in mind the qualities you want for a partner in life.

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    You shouldn't keep away from infatuation, it's a nice feeling; just don't mistake it with love.

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    You don't it's human nature so it's a natural thing. It's what you do with those infatuations that could get you in trouble.

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    Damn, if you figure it out, let me know! I get into trouble over that ALL the time !!!

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    you cant it just sorta happens.

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