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I work a comission-only job (I'm a hairdresser). First off, business is very slow. Secondly, my co-workers have taken to doing fun things like throwing my lunch in the garbage and sabotaging my appointment books. Lately, I have been making only $100 per week because they aren't going to give me any new clients. I'd like to be fired, because then I could collect unemployment while I look for a new job, but I have a feeling they won't fire me. They'll just make it very stressful to work there. Should I quit? Or just try to get canned, even though that's not really something I'd do.

You may ask why they treat me this way. I don't know. They're just not very nice. I have never been treated this way before, except maybe in the second grade.

Any advice?


The manager is actually the one who's perpetuating the behavior. From the beginning, she's said things like, "Well, we don't really have room for you, but the owner wants to hire you, so when would you want to work?" She screamed at me so loudly on the phone yesterday that the owner excused himself from a client and hung up the line. But, she's worked for him these nine years and practically wipes his butt for him, so his loyalty understandably lies with her.

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    You need to go to the manager or person in charge and discuss the issue privately. Tell them what is going on with you....they may not even realize. Then they can straighten the others out. This is called a hostile work environment. You can threaten to sue the company if they don't straighten out your co-workers and start treating you fairly. If they fire you because you speak have grounds for a lawsuit. Nobody should have to work in an hostile environment.

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    Don't let yourself get fired, that can haunt your past and in your industry that can hurt you. The best thing to do is probably just start calling some other salons and see if they have any chairs available to rent. Find a place that you like and feel comfortable, try going on a day off and see the people that work there and the type of clients, get your own client list in order and move. It happens a lot and you shouldn't have to give any reason. If you do give a reason just try not to burn to many bridges, and good luck.

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    Gosh that is a tough one...unfortunatly there is a lot of that going on these days. Someone comes along good and they are run off.

    The owner is well aware of the persons tactics no questions there.

    You have to keep yourself as grounded as possible.... calm is the key here

    Don't know how long you have been there but the manager will mellow out or self destruct. Those are the only options for them if you stay and keep your wits about you.

    can you walk at lunch or excercise before you go in? No partying

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    I'd start looking for a new job...anything that could get you out of there and tide you over until you find a new perfect job.

    I'm sorry you're having to deal with this...not fun!

    Good luck!

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