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I am a nerd who needs to get out?

Yes I am a 22 y/o nerd/geek/whatever who hasn't dated much and I am still a virgin in EVERY sense. Never made out never even touched a woman beyond a handshake. I have trouble getting out and doing things. I would like to meet a nice woman but I have had a rocky start as my first G/F was nuts AND she was a physical kind of gal and I'm not. Since on our last date (our second actually) she made all of the signals and moves and I didn't make a move since I'm a slow kind of guy.

Each subsiquent girl I have wanted to ask out seems to remind me of her and I stop before I ask.

My goal is to approach a complete stranger and talk to them. I can talk to people in fact I'm pretty charismatic.The only problem is that women are hard to approach in my mind and I even have trouble talking beyond my "bullshit range" (the topics that one talks about that aren't dangerous and are rather boring).

How do I do I approach a girl?


Jar Jar, hilarious but weird. Maybe you should focus on comedy.

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    Start off with just saying "Hi How are you?" To random girls to get used to talking to them, if they stop to talk more they are intrested in you so you gotta keep the convo going, and throw out the line to ask for their number....key is don't fear rejection if they brush you off, learn where you went wrong, revise and do it again. The key mentality is to not care what they say or do.

    Best of luck

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    So we have : 1) you can show her that you are a real man by asking her directly for a date. In you're situation you have to getter all you're guts.

    2)You can find some similar points of view between you and that girl and in time she will realize that you have some things in common and she will start like you.

    Hope i helped you.

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