how do i restore a windows NT system using a recovery disk with file extension.pqi?

have a recovery disk with extension.pqi. my comp is not able to read the disk.

the system is showing windows nt/system 32/config/system hardware/ last good menu

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  • 1 decade ago
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    File Types

    Windows NT Uniqueness Database File. vdo. video/vdo. VDOLive Script Video image (Story Board) ... Above links go to...

    File Extension Database - P

    PRN - DataCAD Windows Printer fileHP Printer Control LanguagePostScript ... (Pretty Good Privacy RSA System)Publication...

    Computing.Net - File Attrib. Changed need...

    ... windows 2000 to attempt to open a program that was made with Disk Partion. The file extension is PQI. The ... Windows...

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