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who r disadvantaged people?how they can be empowered?

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    Everyone suffers from disadvantage. The advantage is they can be empowered by self realization. This gives the a base of understanding on what they need to do to turn the dis-advantage to their advantage. A positive attitude is very important for this to happen. The glass is half full not half empty.

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    The truth is that every single person alive is disadvantaged in some way. Even the filthy rich often have something lacking in their lives. The most obvious people who are disadvantaged are the poor though. The reason I say this is that there are very few people who are truly happy and fullfilled. For some it is lack of money, and for others is is a lack of meaning in their lives.

    There is no one answer for empowering the disadvantaged. My thoughts are that each individual person hold the key to their own empowering. Some are motivated by an encouraging word from a loved one. Some are empowered when they reach rock bottom and HAVE to save themsleves.

    I honeslty think it's when a person reaches down deep into their soul and accepts who they are and what life has given to them, that they can truly see what they want and see the path that they need to take to reach their dreams.

    you can't hand someone a dream, it won't mean anything. You have to help someone underatand how to get to that root of their being so that they can see why they are here and what they need to do to change themselves. easy answer!

    God Bless and Merry Christmas!!

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    Education! Or I should say a good education. With knowledge comes strenght and wisdom. These are the qualities that empower a people.

    The denial of education creates the disadvantaged.

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    Disadvantaged people are the ones who are not able to have a good education or good jobs or basic human rights or anything/ circumstance that decreases your chance for progression to a better life.

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    people who do not read are at a disadvantage. Readers are leaders. Go to a library and learn everything that interests you and become an expert. Knowledge is power.

    Knowledge is the beginning of wisdom.

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    There are many disadvantaged people out there. They can be empowered by listening to them and meeting their needs.

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    the people who receive less attention.

    let them be empowered by economic empowerment.

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