Whats the best way to meet girls ?

Other than through friends or going out meeting someone unexpectedly. What are other options than the ones i just mentioned. I know age can be a factor so i will tell u that i am 22. Please give me some insight, thank you.

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    The same way you meet everyone else.

    You walk up and introduce yourself. Im not being unkind here but thats basicly it.

    You have to be comfortable with yourself, who you are and what you are. If not then you immediatly try being something else you think might impress. It will not work in the long run.

    What kind of guys do girls generally like? The kind that are comfortable with who they are and what they are.

    Its scarey I know but it works. If she doesnt like who you are then sorry pal, thats the name of the game. Not nearly as upsetting if she doesnt like you trying to be something else.

    'Hello Im Bill Bloggs; pleased to meet you' (and SMILE for gods sake)

    She thinks 'Who is this creep?'

    'I know we havnt met but would you like.....coffee, lunch, drink..' ...anywhere safe and public ok.

    The conversation has started. At your age you should be able to take it from there....right?

    Just be you man. Its what you are trying to sell so dont be someone else.

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    Find out what's of interest to the woman or girl that you wish to meet. Or, give a compliment on what they're wearing, or something noticeable about them. Then initiate a conversation with a question, most people enjoy talking about themselves. Yet, too, you may find that the timing is awkward or inappropriate. If so, take notice, but at the very least you've made your presence felt for a followup meeting or introduction. On such a followup occasion, and if the timing is more appropriate or relaxed, you may simply wish to help her recall your first encounter. Then go with another compliment or let her know what you may admire most about her. Just keep the convo flowing with your genuine interests in her, remain honest or authentic; and you may take it to the next level with an invitation for a date - lunch, coffee, or dinner - for a sit down conversation. Best wishes.

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    In a chat room u can meet girls make friend invite her for a lunch where there are lot of people if u goona u meet her in place where there is not many person this will create a bad impression and be yrself stay cool clam and natural

    gud luck

    merry xmas and happy new years 2007 friend

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    That's easy....be a millionaire and generous!!!!

    Seriously, hanging out in a bar doesn't generally work out, unless you are with friends and meet some girls. Lots of time it's meeting someone at work, church, a sporting event, whereever and just talking.

    My friend met his current girlfriend at Starbucks. He asked if he could borrow the sports page of the newspaper she was reading. She said okay. Somewhere along the way they talked, he bought her another cup of coffee, and before they left they had exchanged email addresses.

    The next day she messaged him and asked him to a party.

    They have been dating since.

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    bars and clubs and possibly the gym and in work but if you anything like myself the people you work with are all older (by about 10 years) and you get shy. So if you find out how to meet someone tell me.

    Good Luck and Merry Christmas

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    Try going out to clubs and stuff, and if that really isn't your scene, I would join some kind of class/team for something your interested in. Then maybe you could meet a nice girl, who likes something you like. :]

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    If I asked you what the best way to meet senators was, you'd tell me go to DC...that's where the senators are.

    Go where the 22 year old girls are.

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    You can meet girls at the grocery store, church functions, single mixers, or on the job.

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