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Throw me out of a football game? WHY did they do this?

I have always had a huge amount of community pride, after all I live in poverty because I spend all day helping my town for free. So when my town's highschool football team was in a championship game, I was definatly there! I wore my full Jar Jar Binks costume and sat in the bleachers. I screamed at the top of my lungs nonstop, I splashed my soda around on the other spectators! When asked to stop by some guy, I used my airhorn to send him reeling! Then I went down to the sidelines and pushed the water cooler over! I picked up a spare football and threw it on the field during a pass play to confuse the players! The officials started yelling at me and said I had to leave. I pretended to leave, but when there was a pass play I ran onto the field and caught it!!! I ran it back for a touchdown!! Am I a hero for being such an athlete and having so much school spirit?

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    NO!!YOU ARE NOT A HERO!!You just went crazy!! (NO OFFENSE)

    It was pretty funny what you did,and dumb at the some time but funny.MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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