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Is Josh Holloway gay? I sure hope not!?

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    Good grief no. He is married (to Yessica Kumala), with children.

    In January 2006, In Touch Weekly named Holloway the "hottest hunk" on television.

    In the same month, Holloway was voted the 17th sexiest guy worldwide by British readers of OK! magazine.

    There would be a lot of surprised and disappointed female fans if he were.

    This is a quote from Josh himself:

    When "Lost" (2004) took off, part of me thought, 'Do I cut and run?' I still like to look around, but respectfully and with no intentions. 'Married, not buried', I always say.

    If I were single?... Damn, I'd have one girl doing my laundry, one shaving me, one bringing me a cocktail and another one coming out of my tent all hung over".

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    1 decade ago

    Who is Josh Holloway?

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    No, he's married with children and a huge flirt with women... no way is he gay.

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    He might not be gay but I can tell you one thing. He gave me razor burn.

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  • 1 decade ago

    He's married

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    hes married don't worry

  • kitkat
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    1 decade ago

    does it really matter? you have no chance with him either way

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