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What is it like living in Israel as a Christian?

Or even not as a Christian, just as an American or any other westerner. Because I've heard that most jews are allowed to live there just because they are jews...but what about people trying to immigrate? If someone wanted to make Israel their home, what requirements would they be subjected to?

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    Israel has two separate tracks for naturalization. Under the Law of Return, all Jews (defined as anyone with one Jewish grandparent) are entitled to immigrate to Israel and receive automatic and immediate citizenship. They can also bring with them family members -- a spouse, children and grandchildren -- even if these people are not classified as Jews by the Orthodox rabbinate (who require that a Jew have a Jewish mother).

    Non-Jewish naturalization is governed by the Nationality Law, sometimes translated from Hebrew as the Citizenship Law. It sets up a lengthy procedure that involves candidates applying for a series of temporary permits for five years before being issued with permanent residency. Israeli citizenship can only be acquired if the applicant renounces his or her existing citizenship. During this wait, the security services usually run detailed checks on the applicant.

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    Not a problem many people in the united states don't even realize that nearly 20% of the Israeli population are Arab Muslims with all the same privileges that the Israeli citizens have, is that a great country or what.

    Can you imagine a Muslim country constantly being attack by Jews and then allowing Jews to live in their country?

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    Its probably very similar to easterners living in the United States.

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