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Can someon help me!?

me and my friends are starting a band but we can think of any names for the band and we can think of any songs so far we have writen one but we need more plez help!!!!


there is five people in me and my friends band we thought of some names but they didn`t work does any one have any ideas about what the band should be called and a song that we can sing plez help.

Update 2:

the music we are planing to sing is rock music.

Update 3:

i have called my friends and they agree that we need a name and if anyone can come up with one that would be grate

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    one song


    Think you should cover tunes you and your friends really like plus throw in ones you have written. rock and roll on babe!!

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    Umm... actually it depends on what music you write, girl. You could use some more details to your question. Ever heard of the Naked Brother's Band? Try to think of something a little simple like that. Sorry I couldn't help any better.

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    holey trinity



    for material practice some easy songs then make your own version. rok on

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