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i m peace full but USA govt not support my i hate mujaheddin, where i go , who help me?

i mean i love USA Policy i convanece many peoples againest teresom, many peoples fight with me, i say world need only peace way mujaheddin kill peoples why? i m pakitani , i request USA Govt plz support me......plz MR Bush, and Tony Plz invite me in USA or england or any other peacefull countery plzzzzzz

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    Invitations may come later. For the good of Yahoo Answers kindly post questions properly spell checked and corrected for grammar.

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    Like a lot of things, there's always alot of people that mess everything else up for the rest of us. These mujahideen who come from places like Pakistan put the entire country under suspicion. We have our intelligence agencies...but it's been proven that our intelligence agencies can fail...So, how is the US or UK government supposed to know which Pakistani passport-holders are decent people (the overwhelming majority) and who are terrorists? The answer is: it's very difficult. Especially because mujahideen disguise themselves as regular pakistanis.

    In the end, the reason that the war on terror is a failure is one word: intelligence. We don't know where these terrorists are, and therefore (excuse me for being frank) we cannot kill or kidnap them. Any beat cop on any street in America will tell you that "you're only as good as your informants." Captured terrorists (like gang members) are not reliable informants. Reliable informants are members of the community. If more people were to step up and provide intelligence to the US government...we would see our troubles end there very shortly.

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    Maybe stay in Pakistan and try to make that country peaceful first, then it won't be so hard to get in to the USA or England.

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    USA a peaceful country????

    You will have a rude awakening.......

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