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Buying gifts is turning out to be a real headache!?

I don't know what to buy for whom, & I'm feelin like I'm going crazy.


Sophie that's exactly, exactly how I feel. If you have to ask them waht they want, then you might as well give them the $ to buy it themselves. I want it to be somthing they'll really love.

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    Yes,I'm like that too!! :( It's because you really wanna get what they want,and not ask them,you wanna surprise them.. At least,that's how I feel.. And it's really becoming tiresome.

    But,seeing smile on their face,when they open the's worth it.

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    It is a good practice to start buying the gifts on October. Put them in you closet and forget them. When Holidays come, everybody is running like crazy for shopping and you relax drinking coffee and making plans on how to spend your free time.

    If you dont know what to buy for whom, that really makes you crazy. The point of giving presents is to share the joy of it - not to be exhausted and live to your nerves. So, a good solution is to give a small season thing to everybody with a warm message in a nice card. Love, is the best present and it suits everybody.!! Relax and enjoy. Merry Xmas

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    It's 3 days before Christmas! You are a procrastinator. Your best bet is probably gift cards for those closest to you. The mall and such are not going to be fun this close to Christmas.

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    u just don take a headache u just can tell da people ur feelins on a card

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    that's why u ask them what they want first so u know then u go and buy it


    it's called common since to ask soem one what they want

    so they don't wine at u and tell you they dont want it take it back

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