Is merino wool from New Zealand cruelty free? Unlike Australia where they practice 'mulesing.'?

Please only answer if you know what your talking about.

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    I am not really answering your question -and I am sorry for that, But do not buy Australian wool or items made from that.

    Watch this video

    This is truly disgusting.

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    paulisfree2004 was correct when he said that mulesing is not practiced in nz, unlike Australia. This is because the warm climate of Australia is conducive to the breeding of excessive quantities of flies, and as such they find it favourable to nest in a sheeps rear end where there is a large quantity on nutrients. New Zealand is much colder and thus there are fewer flies and sheep being flyblown is less of a problem. I do suggest though that you avoid meddling with forces far beyond your capacity to judge upon them, as organisations such as PETA who have no doubt swayed your perceptions are blind to the impact of their campaigns against farmers who at the moment have not been offered an alternative by the boffins who have been so quick to attack our coutnry's farming procedures. Although if it makes you feel good then whatever.

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    The only thing cruel about mulesing is that it is done without anything that stems the pain. Otherwise, it would be cruel not to mulse sheep as they would die a slow death of disease. A fact commonly ignored by the radicals of animal liberationist who often are cruel to animals themselves then blame the farmer. PETA is one such group that is immoral.

    New Zealand, I don't know if they mulse. They have a different climate and different environment which may not require them to mulse.

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    Yes it is cruelty free, I spent 4 years there, and saw my share of shearing, lived near Masterton home of the golden shears.

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    There are companies in New Zealand which practice more gentle approaches. or some such thing should take you there.

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