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what do you thing of Rosie?

Ok she is getting on my nerves!!! I watched "the view" every know and then but know i can't stand it! rosie has killed that show all she does is hate. and dis other people. she need to get off the view or something. what do you think?

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    I completely agree. She's bringing down the View. I mean, Rosie is cool sometimes, but she needs to know when to pick her battles. She just rants and raves about nothing...all the time

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    I never really watched The View much due to working, but when I had a chance, I would tune into the show, and thought it was awesome! I also was happy to see Rosie join the show, cause I liked Rosie's TV show. But I have seen a few shows with Rosie on The View and I do not feel that she has brought good to the show at all. She is loud, and everything she says is babble! She is annoying and tries to fight with everyone cause she always seems to think she is right all the time. I think she brings the show down, and Barbara made a horrible choice in adding Rosie to the show. That's what I think.. Merry Christmas!

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    I used to like her back in the early days of the Rosie O'Donnell show, but I am no longer a fan. I think she is often rude and annoying. I can't stand it when people think they are always right and don't respect other's opinions. It seems like she says stuff just to get a shock reaction or stir up an argument. The whole situation with Trump is getting ridiculous. I think the View would be better without her.

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    I use to watch the View and got tired of it because of Meredith she thought she was always right. Then came Rosie I thought I would give it another chance well forget that it was even worst. She thinks she is always right and gets very loud and rude! Stopped watching it again.

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  • cats
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    She's a loudmouth but she has livened up the view since Star and Meredith left! But she does have a point about trump being a so called "moral authority" with his numerous wives!

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    Well the Rosie in 'Coronation Street' is really growing up fast.

  • Anonymous
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    42-39-56 that's a whole lotta rosie

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    Plain and simple. YOU have the control! If you don't like who or what is on, TURN IT OFF! The show is all about expressing opinions, and that is what they all do. Personally, I don't care for Elizabeth, but she has a right to her opinion.

  • There's nothing more loathsome and vile than an ANGRY bull dyke. And Rosie is their queen.

    Of course, her stock rose a LITTLE in my book when she started going after Trump, but... just a little.

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    I agree she's annoying. They should take her off if she's not willing to step down. I'll never watch it as long as she's on there.

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