You know what happen to the Roman Empire, is the US next?

Its either them or us, which is it to the Iraq so called war?

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    The reason or reasons that Rome deteriorated would take a whole book to describe. I'm not going to do that here or now.

    If the reasons were studied one by one, you would see that none of them apply to America.

    The Golden Horde was the largest, one continuous land mass empire that ever existed. It collapsed simply because its leader died.

    The British Empire was the largest overall empire the world has ever known. England simply gave freedom to nations as they showed the ability to govern themselves,

    France restored freedom to many of its colonies. America gave up the Philippines and Cuba peacefully.

    You seem to be suggesting that if we don't destroy the Muslims, they will destroy us. You can be sure that won't happen. America wants no part of the Near East. We're in no way trying to expand.

    If you think the Muslims have a chance to destroy America, I don't know how you could come up with that idea. The Muslims are fifteen hundred years back in their thinking. Everything they have is from, or copied from the West. They have real big mouths, but not much more.

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    The Roman Empire was spllit into two separate sections, the Western Empire fell in roughly 476 C.E. and the Eastern Empire lived on until 1453 C.E. where it fell to the Muslims after the rest of Europe "decided that they should ignore the Muslims because maybe they'd go away".

    Political weakness and a divided and over taxed military with far too much reliance on mercenary soldiers brought down the Western Roman Empire.

    Growing Islamic fundamentalism, a lack of military resources and a general feeling of apathy from the rest of Europe brought down the Eastern Empire.

    The Fall of Constaninople signalled the end of a great many things and the beginning of much darker times. There is much to learn from what destroyed the Roman Empire(s).....

    Source(s): We will stop this thing over here if we are allowed to do our jobs. The rabid News Media needs to stop trying to get the best headlines or the highest 6 o'clock ratings and start a real 'balanced reporting' of this situation.
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    Did the Romans have enough firepower that they could take out the world 7 times over all within 10 minutes? If America was going down; here we'll use the Soviet Union as and example. If the Soviet Union would have invaded America and took over; before the nation fell what do you think they would do? Blow up as much as the Soviet Union as they could.

    If you have the firepower, you will use it if the time comes. America has the firepower, they will use it if the time comes. I think the rest of the world knows this; notice America hasnt fought a war on its own ground besides the Revolution and the War of 1812.

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    No, it's a different time... if anyone attempted to overthrow the US as the Roman Empire was, we'd face a nuclear war. No one wants that to happen anywhere in the world. The US has faults, but all the same faults are prevalent in Western Europe... it's the way we are. We won't fall like the Roman Empire.

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    The comparison I think is not appropriate. Roman Empire sank for a different set of reasons. USA is a great democracy with all the checks and balances built-in and it will carry on regardless. The system is powerful and is not dependent on individual follies, which have to be answered by all concerned when brought to book.

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    Eventually but probably not this time. The US has never really had a true empire so it can't fall in the same manner as the Roman.

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    Very likely.

    Few nations have lasted over 200 years.

    Like Rome the U.S. has spread its military in all directions. While Rome seemed to have lost because of "invading masses" the real cause on the ground was the economic stress. They were spread to thin. Spoils and tribute from the hinter lands were cut off by the less well equiped and less organized enemy.

    And the rest is history.

    The situation is compounded by a similar lack of vision at the controlling levels of government, regardless of branch or political persuasion.

    It is not them or us unless we make it so.

    To play out for democracy is a sop (take two aspirin and call me in the morning); because the winner will be the one who lasts the longest. Without technology to shorten our supply lines and some allies still served by self interest; -- we would already be history as we were in Korea, as we were in Vietnam, as we have been in every conflict since WWII.

    The American Trinity keeps it all going -- oil, ignorance and indecision.

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    History always repeats, the similarity's between the USA and the old Roman empire are striking!.1/.The people were never told the truth..2/..The leadership had no understanding of there "enemy's"

    3/..Corruption was rife..4/ A gradual loss of freedom..5/ Warped thinking, in that the only way to solve a problem was with the sword..6/ Militarily overreaching themselves...7/ A full on sense of 'self righteousness'!..Any allies that Rome{USA} had were alienated by the political extremism of Rome, Who, to prosecute their wars, had to massively raise taxes!..{USA is doing this by asking allies to overreach themselves militarily}..You could go on and on with this scenario, but eventually, the Americans will realise that they cannot impose their will on people who are not willing to accept it!..But by then, it will be too late for America, as it was for Rome!

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    The United States will stand until the end, then God will destroy it. The Roman Empire embraced religion, the United States will destroy it.

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    From an economic standpoint it certainly looks like the end of the US as an empire. Especially when it looks like future trade will be done in Euros instead of US dollars.

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