Breastfeeding: does the food I eat affect the taste of the milk or is it passed processed - as nutrients?

Based on the first theory, what foods should I avoid not to give my baby a hard time? Do you think my diet may be a reason of his constipation if he is exclusively breastfed?

Does exercising affect the contents and taste of milk?

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    i believe what you eat it does affect the taste of your milk. got once i drink a parket of HL chocolate milk. on that day my baby refuse to drink my milk and keep crying. i asked my hubby to drink my milk to see the taste he tell me that why you milk so ... he is going to vomit... haa.. after that he tell me maybe is because i drink too much of chocolate milk. because the taste somehow like choclate. after that day. i don`t even dare to touch chocolate

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    Yes, what you put in your body - food and medications, is passed on to your baby through breastmilk. This is why you still have to watch what kind of medicines you take - so always check with a your doctor and pharmacist.

    As far as foods, spicy foods sometimes make babys irritable and some not. Veggies like brocolli can make babies gassier than normal. Not every baby act the same way though. The best thing for you to do is to make a note of what you eat and later that day, watch your baby's behavior.

    Constipation on babies that are exclusively breastfed is usually rare because moms milk always has enough fluids for baby. If your baby seems constipated, breastfeed more often. On the other hand, it may not be constipation. It is normal for breastfed babies not to poop for days at a time.

    There is no proof that exercising affect the taste of milk, though some moms say it does. If it's light excercise there should be no difference. If you are going for heavy heavy aerobic exercise, again, the best thing to do is watch your baby's reaction.

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    Yes, what u eat does affect your milk, the nutrients and the taste! I learnt this the hard way after a huge chocolate binge!

    You can eat some foods you enjoy without it affecting bub, but not too much. If you ate alot of spicy or acidy foods, its no good, but I dont believe a little will hurt.

    Not many babies that are breastfed experiece constipation, but mine did. Things like paracetemol and codine do effect it. Try prune juice, drinking it yourself will help, but more so giving your baby a little in a bottle.

    Im really not sure about excercise though.

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    In Russia it is common knowledge (based on medical experience) that what you eat actually affects the taste of milk you provide when breasteding. Try to avoid too much garlic and pepper (that makes the taste bad) and be careful with cabbige, beans and other stuff that creates gases (your baby could get stomach colics). Breastfeeding isn;t good time for any diets. I haven;t heard anyting about the effects of sport. Probably it's ok as long as you don't feel exausted and have enough energy for your baby!:) Good luck!

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    It is unusual for breastfed babies to be constipated (I think--check with pediatrician). My BF daughter had what we thought was constipation. When she was 3 days old, we made a 2am trip to the ER and they found nothing. We brought her back home and it continued. I took her to the doctor and luckily her duaghter had the same problem so she knew what to check right away. My daughter has an abnormality called "anal dysynergeria" (sp?), which means her rectum is extremely small and she has trouble passing bowel movements (even the liquid ones for BF babies). I won't go into gory details, but it was an EXTREMELY horrendous visit that day. However, the doctor taught me what I needed to do to help her (again, I won't go into gory details). After a while, she continued to have problems, so she was on stool softeners 2-3 times a day for several months. She is a year old now, and we only have to give her meds occasionally.

    But, what you eat does effect your baby. Mine also had GER (gastro esophogial reflux--sp?) and I had to stay off all diary products for 5 months. TORTURE! I love cheese ;)

    Hope this helps and your little guy feels better soon!

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    your breast milk doesnt taste any different no matter what you eat. as far as what foods to avoid they say its best to avoid leafy vegtables that cause u gas and spicey foods. heres the thing to remember though, women from all cultures, all over the world breast feed and some cultures only eat spicey foods or the so called gassy foods and they do fine so you can usually eat whatever you want for the most part

    Source(s): this was told to me by my dr and the lactation consultant that spoke with me in the hospital
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    In short, yes it does. Try to avoid those foods to which you are sensitive, acidic foods, foods from the cruciferous family (cabbage, etc.) and obviously alcohol. My babies were extremely sensitive to the orange juice I drank and a cup of cherries gave my newborn son one sleepless night. NB: If your baby is a newborn and is exclusively breast-fed s/he should not be constipated.

    Source(s): Mother of 2 children who were breast fed each one year.
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    Strong tasting foods can affect breast milk taste, odor, and color. Onions, spicey foods. Eating lots of greens can cause milk to be green-tinged (it's ok however). When I ate bananas, my daughter would get horrible gas from nursing. Go she loves them!

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    We had trouble at first and the lactation consultant told me to eat garlic because it makes the milk taste sweet. It worked. I have also noticed that she reacts when I've had spicey or ethnic foods.

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    I've heard it does effect the taste. And I believe it, because my baby cried and refused to eat the night that I had buffalo wings.

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