Donald Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell. Didn't "The Donald" do a great job?

I think its about time someone stood up and told Rosie O'Donnell what she is all about. While he is no angel by any means, Trump completely has my support. How about you? What do you think?


Early answer returns clearly favor Donald Trump. Looks like Rosie isn't all that popular anymore!

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    I 100% support Donald in the Rosie War, Meredith did a great job.When she worked on The View,but now that Rosie is onboard. She's done nothing but drag it down, Rosie's gone from trying to run the show,to acting like a complete idiot.

    News Flash Rosie your not the boss,Barbra is one of the head producers. I believe Rosie's made too many errors since she came on. And I strongly believe she'll either get fired or cause the show to be canceled. The View did fine long before Rosie,but now she's just an embarasment.

    First she trashed Kelly Ripa,a woman whom I admire.Then she mocked the chinese,by trying to talk like them.That to me was uncalled for,and very disrespectful.And now she's trashed Donald Trump. Rosie here's a personal message to you.Next time you decide,to open your big mouth.

    You should ask yourself this: is what i'm about to say appropriate? As the old saying goes three strikes and your out. I believe Donald should not only go through with suing Rosie.But also sue The View,because frankly since Rosie works on The View. She also like many employees represents the company. And I don't see Rosie being repremanded for her actions.

    I watched Larry King last night,and almost laughed.When Larry said Rosie declined to be on the program. It confirmed Donald's opinon,she can dish it out.But when confronted she like all bully's runaway scared.Rosie picked a fight with the wrong man,and hope she gets what she deserves.

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    Of the two, Donald has my vote for the better of the two. My sister however, is very upset about it, for Rosie. She needs to be able to take what she dishes out. He could have been worse, and gone after her children, and how they may turn out someday, etc, because of her lifestyle, etc, based on what he may think. But he refrained from that at least. I do not respect Rosie, she is evil and dangerous. She has changed a lot. It is sad. Donald is no saint, but he is a LOT better than Rosie. She is over the top, and to some degree, she isn't all the pretty like he said, on the inside. Just my opinion.

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    I think Rosie shouldn't have attacked Donald Trump. What was that all about anyway? However, I do like her. Trump shows his insecure, childish mentality by calling Rosie mean names. It's so true - if she is as awful as he says she is, why does he care what she says? I think Rosie is good on The View, livens it up, has interesting opinions. But she should watch her personal attacks on people or they're going to throw her off the show. I have lost respect for Trump for calling Rosie names. She did make fun of his hairstyle but so did a lot of other people. To call somebody a "fat slob" shows a real lack of imagination.

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    They're both lame...Donald's hair, Rosie's accent...I don't know what you're thinking about supporting Trump...He's a lame ego-maniac...and I'm not saying I support Rosie...She's got an obnoxious NY accent and has some personal issues, being a lesbian and all...

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    My Wife and I are so happy that Trump stood up to Rosie !!! Rosie has been running her mouth non stop since she got on The View !!! What a view it is !!! A horrible view !!! In the press conference when Trump forgave that Girl, he said he had been given many second chances, and that was a HUMBLE thing to say. Trump was not trying to stand out as a moral authority. Rosie dished it out so lets see if she can take it !!! You reap what you sow !!! Rosie needs to watch her mouth !!! We are enjoying this very much !!! Go TRUMP !!!

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    i think that both of them are very funny! rosie went a little over board and so did Donald Trump when he said that Rosie wasn't an attractive lady, which is true, but i really don't care what either of them have to say, but if i had to pick i would pick Trump

  • Im glad Trump should speak his mind right up to Rosie for those comments

    Take that ROSIE! Congrats Trumps Someone needed to shutup that bigmouth for a least 5 seconds!

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    I'm glad that Donald gave Miss USA another chance and I agree that Rosie went too far( 1st with Kelly and Clay, then with the Chinese and now with miss USA) but I think that he should have responded professionally, not by reminding her that he is wealthier than her(we all know that), not by making remarks about her private life and certainly not by calling her names.

  • Laurie
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    4 years ago

    Because the dumb a$$ did. Hell the financial crisis, which was created by a bill that then Senator Phil Graham co-authored, GM hand out that Darth Shotgun admitted that they passed that on to 44, crumbling infrastructure, one legit war that was mishandled and a war of choice that was also mismanaged. I mean damn the liberals gave the country Jimmy C and the repuglicans returned the favor with stupid a$$ 43

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