what did she say that to me ?

my ex gf and I were having a difficult relationship full of contradictions and differences , but yet I managed to keep it for long months to see if I can save the relationships..Although , I was stressed by the differences, and the fact that the relationship might not work, I manage to stay calm during all those period , by trying to show to my gf that I care about her , and that I want to save the relationship ..because I was in a complete indecision about the relationship, by not knowing if I have to stay or go ..

after breaking up with me for another guy, she told that she thinks that I didn't affirm myself enough, when the guy was flirting with her, I didn't do anything to stop her ..and she said also that I never really got mad at her, and that eventhough I try to say something it's without conviction ...I told her that the fact was because, I was indecisive, and I couldn't prevent her to go if she thinks that was the best decision to do ..she never gets that..why ?

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    Who cares, she broke up with you for another fella, she's obviously a H0E,so my advice is not to dwell on anything she said and find yourself a less maintenance girl!!!

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    If she knew what she was doing when she broke up with you for that other guy then she would surely not have said those things to you. There isn't full closure between you both and it takes a while. She probably never got your point and stand on your relationship issues because of two things: (1) she had a lot of personal insecurities so she never see what you did to save the relationship but only what you did not do to and (2) your indecision confused her. Relationships could be very fulfilling that people go through all the heartbreak wondering what was the matter, what has gone wrong, how to save it. People never see that most relationships fail because people spend more time analyzing the relationships rather than themselves.

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    All people can not be equally decisive. Each has his own style. You need not be apologetic. Be yourself. You have lost nothing. If she can not accept you as you are it is not worth the while.

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    she probably needed attention at the time, although you did not know what to do to give it to her. but it doesnt matter now that she broke up with you. if you try to move on, it'll be better.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just tell her to get over herself.

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