VW Golf MK3, 1996 : wont start then turn lights flash once and shshsh noise comes from dashboard. Any idea?

Hi, i try to start my VW Golf MK3. The engine may turn once or twice then nothing. Then the turn signal lamps flash once (on the dashboard and outside of the car), a strange shshsh noise comes from the dashboard and the speedometer needle bumps up and down. The code 'IN 01' has been showing for a couple of months now but I ignored it. The battery sounds flat but what I want toknow is what my VW is trying to tell me. thank you for your patience. I did check for an hour on the internet about similar question but nothing was found.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I dont know that answer, but I would check on the boards at www.vwvortex.com theres a lot of guys on there that will probably know what youre talking about. Its pretty much the best resource Ive found for v-dubs.

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