What's the best ski resort on the east coast? I normal ski out west but am looking for a place closer to home.

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    It kind of depends what the definition of closer to home is for you. I do a lot of riding in the area and it's definately worth it to make a trip for some better snow. Other times I just like to go to my local mountain and kick around. Regardless of where you go in the east all the snow is pretty much the same b/c it's 99.9% man made. Most likely due to your Hummer driving neighbors the east really doesn't get much natural snowfall. 40" a year would seem like a lot these days.

    In general the best states for skiing and riding in order from best to worse are Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, and Pennsylvania. Within each state my favorites are:


    Killington - Big with just about everything you want. Despite it's size, it sometimes feels a bit crowded. It's probably the best resort in the area and everyone knows it so things sometimes feel a little overprice and overhyped if you know what I mean.

    Okemo - for some equally good snow but a more laid back atmosphere and crowd. Plus their Halfpipe has a t-bar lift which is great. I got in about 60 runs one day.

    Sugarbush - Really good but a bit of a drive if you are coming from the south.

    New Hampshire

    Loon Mtn - Smaller than the VT resorts but make the best of what they have. Nicely groomed trails that are long and challenging. Plus they have really stepped it up in terms of their terrain park in recent years. It may be just me but it seems like NH tend to be a lot colder than VT.

    New York

    Hunter and Windham - both located in the Catskills they are medium sized mountains that have a decent variety of terrain but are smaller than mountains in NH or VT. If you live in New England I would skip these in favor of places farther north. But they are a good alternative if you're in NYC and want a day trip.


    Blue Mtn - This place is tiny. But they trails are very well groomed and well maintained. The owners cleary care about this place and it really shows. This is my local mountain and it's a great place to hit when you get the itch to ride, which is often. I'll hit Sidewinder about 20 times a day and won't get tired of it.

    Camelbak - This is the biggest but probably most "commercial" resort in the Poconos region. Generally well groomed trails but it can get a little crowded on weekends. I've never had a bad day here.

    I've also heard good things about Shawnee but haven't been there in a long time.

    Mountain Creek - AVOID AT ALL COSTS. It is the most overhyped place imaginable. Given it's proximately to NYC it's ussually full of obnoxious New Yorkers who think they own the place but have no skills or any idea what they're doing. They generally have a pretty big terrain park but it's way overcroweded and it's nothing you can't find anywhere else. Plus NJ is pretty warm and the regular trails tend to get scraped down to ice by mid day. I live in NJ and I've been here once and have never returned.

    Please keep in mind I'm a snowboarder so I'm also looking at things like the terrain park and pipe which, if you're a skier, you may not be that into.

    This season you may be better off going out west as it's three days till Christmas and it's still 55 degrees outside.

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    East coast - Sunday River in ME, I see a lot of responses to Killington, I've been there a couple of times, often crowded - we're trying Smugglers Notch this year for the East coast - not like the West but we'll see if it merits. Guess it depends on how far you want to drive and how long you'll stay.

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    as much because it pains me to assert it...Why come to the northeast once you may pass out west for a matching value? If I lived in GA and had to get on a plane to pass snowboarding, i might pass west somewhat than northeast. Particulary for a honeymoon except you're quite finding for the recent England adventure. I stay in CT and function skied almost each and every ski section from jap vast apple to Maine. at the same time as there are a number of super ski aspects interior the northeast no longer something in New England beats western snowboarding. i'm no longer saying jap snowboarding is undesirable or that the ski aspects are undesirable, lord (no longer the course at Stowe) knows how some years i've got been at it yet no longer something beats the powder, expanse of terrain, climate, etc. My honest apologies to every person right here related to an jap ski section.

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    Killington Vermont is a really nice place to go on the east coast. I know there are a few good mountains in New York but I dont know any names.

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    Killington is too commercialized,

    I would say Jay's peak, it's on the boarder of US and Canada, it's has twice the snow than any other mountains in New England.

    Also consider:

    - Sunday River is good for early season ski, they open early every season.

    - White face in NY hosted winter Olympics.

    - Tramblant in Canada are in top 3 ski resort in Canada if you willing to travel more.

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    Killington, Vermont ranks as one of the best.

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    i would say either killington or sugar bush both are in vermont

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