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ok, I dated this guy and we broke up still maintained a friendship I found that after we broke up I needed time to be single (but still playing with the possibility of getting back with him) he still wants to be with me. He has helpd me out a little by his own choice Ive never asked him. But things our worse we dont talk when we call each other the long distance thing has not made my heart grow fonder. before all this he agreed to co-sign on an apt. this student housing for college and now that we've been arguing lately and I dont know if I should be caught up with him co-signing (well actually his mother co-signing) should I just ask someone else? I have a little bit of time to get this info. in. We most likely wont be getting back together.


not a roomate situation, his mother would just be a co-signer.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Don't get involved with anything financial with him. Not even friends or family should get involved into financial dealings--unless there is a STRONG sense of trust. But, usually things get messy because other feelings come into play that gets things complicated. You will rue the day you ever went into agreement with him.

    Another thing, what happens if he starts to see someone else, she finds out about the agreement and he starts to act crazy? Or what if you, for some unforeseen reason, can't pay the rent? Do you want to deal with him?

    Just sounds like trouble. Whenever someone has the "upper hand" so to speak, there's a shift of power in the relationship---the relationship takes on a new dynamic.

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    1 decade ago

    Sounds like you should find someone else....if your relationship works, that's fine, but I think you better think about yourself in this situation. Roommates can be hard to find, and you should probably start looking right away.

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