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I need to buy some memory for my computer how do I know what is the right kind to get as far as it fitting?

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    The best thing to do is to take the computer to a shop or a place that does on site installations. They will be able to not only install the memory card, but will also be able to tell you the largest size memory card in megabytes(MB) that can be put on it. If you install a memory card on a computer that is too big for the system, then the computer will only read the highest amount on the card that it is able to access. For example, if the motherboard on the computer can access up to 512MB of memory and you install a card that is 1024MB, then then computer will only see the first 512MB of memory on the card. Another reason to go to a computer shop is that in addition to the amount of memory, there are different types of memory and also the physical orientation of the card may not fit in the slot on the motherboard if the memory card is the improper shape(different cards have dimples on different parts of the card, which may not line up the the ones that are on the motherboard on the computer).

    Source(s): I have worked with memory cards before.
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    The best and practical method to do it is as follows.

    1) Turn off your computer. Disconnect your computer from power supply, remove power cables.

    2) Open the cover of your desktop (Not for laptops). Look into the pc for the memory chips.See if there is any free slot left in your computer to insert an additional memory chip. If there is one you can add a new one to it, otherwise you will have to replace one of the memory chips with a newer one with a higher capacity. Pull the plastic lever aside and pull out the chip carefully.

    Note down whatever information is written on it. Then either ask your local pc hardware shop for a compatible chip by supplying them with the details. Or if you are ordering online use the information at hand.

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    You can go to this website

    Once you open the site there are a list of different brands of computers. You click the brand that you have and it will tell you all of the available accessories needed to increase the speed for your computer, and upgrade the memory. I would recommend 512MB for your system or higher. This is what I have at this current time.

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    Go to they have a system scanner (which you can download or run online (the online version requires IE) ) The results will tell you what type and how much memory you have installed as well as what type and how much memory you can add?

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    get your computer details and take them to the computer shop and ask them, or take your computer down there, because if you it from them, they should install it all on your computer for free and tell you what kind you need.

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    understand the type of your laptop or its specification - Motherboard, and processor. Then verify on dell's website, or the motherboard's internet website. you will see what style of ram it could help. relatively you may verify the prevailing ram on your laptop. you will understand what style of RAM it quite is, and purchase the comparable style of ram. basically verify the internet website of the board, processor or dell on how lots memory length it could manage.

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