anyone know how do help?

well okay. I've been dating my boyfriend for almost three years and we've been having sex for almost two. He always tries really hard to satisfy me and make me orgasm but no matter what we try it never works. I dont know what to do b/c most of the time i just fake it cuz otherwise he insists on keep going until i do, or he feels really bad. And i can't tell him now that i've been faking it for two years. Anybody know what can work? I feel like i've seriously tried everythin

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    maybe its a mental blocking you have. i had that, because i used to have a lot of personal problems (family, money etc). try to completely let yourself go, dont focus on anything, not even the sex itself and especially not your orgasm issue. if you cant keep your mind from thinking, try to imagine one color of your choice or anything else unimportant and simple, but dont focus too hard either, it should rather serve as a background picture (i hope you know what i mean?) with my current boyfriend, im doing better now, no problems :) but as someone else already said: a good foreplay is important. about the faking: besides that you should have never started doing it, tell him. if he actually makes you come some day, he would recognize a difference. also, as partners you should be honest towards each other anyway, especially about your sexuality. also, tell him what feels good while he does it, guide him to go on, to stop, to pause, to do something else, whatever. dont be afraid to. im sure he loves you and hell appreciate your little help because you sound like he really wants to satisfy you... god luck :)

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    Thats an uncomfortable place for u 2 be !From my personal experience I can tell you that I have more fun having sex and taking my(our)time while doing so because when you's pretty much over.-unless you want to suffer thru another fake...ugh ! Try to make the sex last for as long as posible and remember the most important part is foreplay !Good luck to you sweetie..........

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    I've had ones an experience like yours and I just told him on the second time that it's not working he bought a different condom and it was much better but then we stopped the relationship not only because of this thing but we had other problems but this was one of them :/ I think you should speak to him because you'll suffer if you keep on like this, goodluck.

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    Does he just use his penis? Because very few penises can actually stimulate a woman to orgasim. It's takes other things like foreplay (I've heard at least half an hour before actual penetration helps).

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  • 1 decade ago

    I don't have any experience with sex myself but I suggest that you figure out (by yourself) what satisfies you. Once you've figured that out tell your boyfriend exactly how to do it; give him instructions.

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    get a vibe

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