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a question for hair dressers: After hair has been conditioned, why does it have 2 b rinsed with cold water????

Every time I go to the hair salon, after my hair has been conditioned (especially deep conditioned), It's rinsed out with cold water. Why is that?

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    I don't know why they would do that I always use warm water to make sure I get all the conditioner out of the hair. The only way I would use cold water is after a chemical service to keep the color locked in.

  • Henry
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    I'm not a hair dresser but I think it's to prevent ALL the conditioner being rinsed out. Conditioner is a light oil (yes like engine oil) which lubricates your hair, making it feel softer and tangle less.

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    The same reason when you use a deep conditoner you use heat with it. Heat will open your cuticule and let in color, perms, protein, etc. Cold will close it. You also can not put a color on your hair and go outside in the cold. The color will not take. When rinsing conditoner with cold water it will seal it in.

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    Because hot water will rinse all of the conditioner out and they want some of it to stay in your hair so it looks and feels healthier.

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  • 1 decade ago

    2 answers:

    1.Because the cold water will seal the moisture and close the cuticle(making your hair shiny and soft)

    2.Its a little trick in order to avoid tangles

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    cos hot water is not good for ur hair or maybe its just a coincidence ask ur hairdresser next time u go .

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